Retouch Brands


The company

We are a company specialized in developing and commercializing fashion goods for global celebrities and fashion houses. Founded in Denmark in 2006 and with operating offices in Spain, Denmark  and Hong Kong,

Retouch Brands is a dynamic and multicultural company that is always on the move to bring its partners updated tools and strategies for a successful global brand expansion with attention to the needs of each local market.


The “Retouch” Philosophy

As our name implies, our philosophy is to constantly re-create and improve the existing – as good as that may be. We have a constant thirst for improving our products, strategies and customer relations. We believe that fashion and stardom only go in one direction: Forward.


A Solution Driven Team

Retouch brands is ready to cover all of our partners’ needs with a multidisciplinary team that is constantly researching and adapting to the fast-changing world of global fashion commerce. We offer solutions ranging from the design, production and delivery to the marketing, PR and retail stages – making sure both our licensors and customers are well taken care of.


Our Global Availability

Our products are sold through established and prestigious distribution channels, primarily in department stores, specialty and duty-free shops, and through shop-in-shops, free standing shops  in over 50 countries.

Currently, we are the global licensee of Paris Hilton Handbags & Accessories – with the rights to design, produce, market and distribute Handbags and Accessories bearing the Paris Hilton name.

Our company is proud to have turned Paris Hilton into the worlds’ leading celebrity accessories’ brand. No other celebrity handbags brand can claim to have a presence in more than 160 cities on 5 continents, and having sold more than 1 million pieces through our 45 signature mono-branded retail stores. Our company is proud to have turned Paris Hilton into the worlds’ leading celebrity accessories’ brand owing rights for Retail Operations wordlwide.

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