Paris Hilton Dazzles at The Bling Ring Movie Premiere & Other Stories! **Fun**

Wow, look at her! Every inch of Paris exudes confidence, a winning quality in business and in life!

On Monday Sofia Coppola’s new film The Bling Ring premiered in L.A. after a successful screening in Cannes. As you know by now, Paris Hilton not only appears in the movie but also some key scenes were recorded at her home.

At the premiere that took place on June 3, Paris talked to Vanity Fair about her decision to participate in the film, how Sofia approached her at her birthday party last year and some other interesting facts like why does she have throw pillows with her face on them!

We are wondering if we’ll spot any of Paris Hilton Handbags & Accessories in the film! After seeing them on the movie set we think it is likely to happen!

Get to know it all! Go to Vanity Fair:  A Bling Ring Exclusive: Paris Hilton Explains Why She Owns Throw Pillows with Her Face on Them to Begin With

Loves it!

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