Paris Hilton: A HOT brand! via Fucsia Magazine


Paris Hilton visits Bogotá, Colombia to launch her Handbags & Accessories line and opens her 44th Paris Hilton Store in the world!

The iconic blonde talks about building a fashion empire while working hard on brand expansion and next goals as she answers the questions: What is the secret to become a woman who succeeds in business? Who gave you the best advice for your own brand? When and how did you begin building your own brand “Paris Hilton”? Where does your passion for fashion and design come from? Do you have a muse? Who or what inspires you? How did you manage to do so much in such a short period of time? Could you tell us the process you went through to build your own company? Which one is your next goal? Did you have time to enjoy Bogotá, did you like it? What did you do?

Watch our favorite entrepreneur and fashion designer on Fucsia Mag’s website:

Making her dreams come true! Such an inspiration!


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