Are you Ready for Valentine’s Day? Paris Hilton Is So!

Love is in the air! Rose cheeks, prim and feminine! A perfect look for Valentine’s Day! Let’s get inspired!

Designer and fashion icon Paris Hilton strolls down the streets of L.A. with her sweetheart River Viiperi in a 50’s inspired floral look finished-off with her favorite accessory: A Paris Hilton Handbag!

Paris Hilton Pretty in Florals and Own Label Handbag

Daily Mail reports:

Valentine’s Day might be not be until Thursday, but that’s not stopping Paris Hilton and boyfriend River Viiperi from carrying on their public display of romance.

The male model bought his socialite girlfriend not one but two bunches of flowers during a shopping trip in LA on Monday in a bid to show the world how much he cares about her.

Just a couple of days after they were spotted perusing Valentine’s gifts together, the loved up pair put on another PDA as they strolled arm-in-arm through the city.

Read more at Daily Mail
And see more of it here!

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Absolutely loves it! Enjoy being a girl with a look like this!
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