Where to Find Paris Hilton Handbags Online! #ParisHiltonStores

Stay Comfy at home and buy your PHpurses Online!
In the photo: Paris Hilton chills for GQ Russia featuring her favorite Heartbreaker clutch from her own collection of affodable luxury handbags and accessories. Photog. Ellen Von Unwerth

This year Paris Hilton’s hot collection of affordable luxury Handbags & Accessories has taken big steps in terms of retail… Online stores are no exception to the conquering plans of Paris Hilton’s fashion brand!

Are you a click away shopper?

Are you in a location in the world where there is not YET a Paris Hilton Store?

Well this is news for you lover! Here are some awesome virtual spaces to get styled by iconic Paris Hilton:

* Zalando: We love this website that offers several Paris Hilton collections to get head-to-toe celebrity styling. Zalando has many sites catering European countries, specifically:

* La Moda: As its worldly name implies this is a place for THE FASHION! This store features several haute designer collections and Paris Hilton Handbags & Accessories is no stranger to the mix.

Go to LaModa. ru if you are in Russia looking for sexy and glamorous handbags.

* Sears – Mexico: Sears is the store when you can get it all! In Mexico, Sears is also the place to get Paris Hilton Handbags & Accessories plus her magnetic fragrances.

Go ahead! And visit Sears.com.mx to fall in love with Paris Hilton’s amazing products

* Paris Hilton Venezuela! :This is the official online shop for fabulous Venezuelan women who love to get luxury styling at a great price. Paris Hilton Handbags are the right fit specially for the girls that are waiting for the free-standing Paris Hilton Stores that will open later this year and in 2013!

If you just can’t wait to get your hands on a PHpurse go here: ParisHiltonVE

* Paris Hilton Indonesia! : Paris Hilton Handbags & Accessories’ lovely online shop in Indonesia. Are you too comfy at home to visit the Paris Hilton store located at Grand Indonesia Mall? We’ll  give you the chance to shop online!

Get the newest styles by Paris Hilton anywhere in Indonesia by visiting ParisHilton-Indonesia

* I Want Gorgeous Things:Don’t we all? Well if you are in Australia like our lovelies @QueenFairyMe and @zafirahdutczak you better make sure to get some of Paris’ styling by visiting this cute online shop. iwantgorgeousthings.com

Click! Click! Click! And be instantly fabulous!



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