From Emirates News! Celeb Investments: Dubai on business


By Bindu Suresh Rai
Published Thursday, October 25, 2012
This is an extract you can Read full article at Emirates24|7
Paris Hilton 2009: Dubai Festival City Center Dubai PA
Paris Hilton fashion
She fluttered into Dubai back in 2009 and within 48 hours of arriving here, Paris Hilton managed to bring international attention to local products, give Emirates airline free publicity worth millions, and tell the world she is switching to Sony Ericsson after years of her being seen out with a trusted BlackBerry.
At the time, in between shooting for her TV show, the socialite told Emirates 24|7: “Although a lady never discusses money as it is tacky, I am primarily here to shoot my TV series, but I have been really welcomed by businesses and vendors in this region and I look forward to expanding and exploring more opportunities here.”
Over the four years, Hilton’s love affair with Dubai has grown into five retail stores that exclusively sell her collection of handbags and affordable luxury goods.
Hilton personally has visited the stores in Dubai Festival City Centre and Ibn Battuta Mall, with this year marking the newest one in Deira City Center.
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