Love & Purses Mail: An Invitation from Miss Kayla Hunt

Listen up Little Hiltons, something is happening, something Hot & Huge. Some of you may already know it and have already participated in this new project involving Paris Hilton!

This is a message from @MissKaylaHunt (also known as @ParisHilton_fan)

People We Love - Miss Kayla Hunt

Hey #LittleHiltons : ) So this is what the project for @ParisHilton is about : It is going to be a new website that is filled with stories from you, the #LittleHiltons : ) So have you ever met Paris and it was one of the most amazing times for you? Have you ever bought a product from her lines that you would like to tell everyone about? Have you ever gone to one of her signings? I want to put your story up on this website. Its going to be a website for you, The #LittleHiltons, to share stories of all things Paris related : ) What you need to do to be part of this :

Write an email with your Paris Hilton story and send it (you may include a picture of you & Paris if you want as well) This has been approved by Paris so it is great to know she will see them : ) Any Questions? Tweet me. Xoxo Kayla : )


So what are you waiting for? Tell the world about your close encounter with Paris Hilton experience!

We want to know all about it!


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