Paris Hilton’s Perfect Look With Timeless Chihuahua Purse!

Reported as a makerting genious strategy by other sites, this nonchalant look by Paris Hilton demonstrates what easy-chic and unique are all about. It is eclectic, unexpected, bold and appealing. Is not aligned with any main trends yet it works!

Are you looking for tips to make a unique outfit work? Learn from Paris:

1. Stick to a color scheme, Paris went for black and white. Like her Timeless Chihuahua Purse

2. Take one element to highlight like the leather sleeves and leather hat.

3. Go for something unexpected like Paris’ choice of two handbags. Now, this is an excellent travel idea: take one large stylish bag to carry your extra sweater and shawl then choose a small handbag to keep all your essentials like wallet, passport, phone and lip-gloss at reach.

4. Ultimately and most importantly: MIX references! By choosing the Timeless Chihuahua handbag Paris gave a ladylike touch to a mainly biker/rocker look. This is what surprises the most, making heads turn as she passes!

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