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We want to give a huge thanks to @ZamieParis for telling us in detail of the experience of Paris Hilton’s Stores and Products! It all looks and sounds incredible!

Paris Hilton, her stores and products, and @phpurses all totally rock!! 🙂

I have never been to any Paris Hilton Boutique other than the ones in Malaysia. So here are some of my comments and opinions about it. For your information, there are two Paris Hilton Boutiques in Malaysia, one is located at Pavilion Mall and the other one is at 1Utama Mall.

The boutique The interior of both boutiques are definitely amazing. The color combination of Black, White and Pink are just great. It’s not too girly for a boutique, but more of a sophisticated-neat-look.

The boutique’s label I love the boutique’s label as it stated “Paris Hilton” the metallic font with white pink lights are just outstanding. It really caught my attention when I first time saw it.

The employees / supervisors I’ve visited both boutiques 3 times. I came to Malaysia every year in January since 2009. And speaking of the employees, I have to give credit to the salesgirl and the supervisor in-charge on both boutiques because they have given me a great time whenever I visit the stores. They are so friendly and kind, the customer service was excellent. I was also surprised that the salesgirl (the one in-charge at Pavilion store) still remember me as the “Paris Hilton fan from Brunei” since the first time I visited the boutique in 2009. The supervisor in-charge at 1Utama store was so friendly and very kind to me. He gave me a free membership-card which supposed to be get only when you spent over RM500, a Paris Hilton scarf and also a small bag of Paris Hilton. I am so thankful for this and I will never forget his kindness to me.

PH purses team @ Twitter Hands down, they are just the BEST! They make my wish came true earlier this year when I requested some stuff from them. I told them that I was going to Malaysia on the 4th on January and I requested to get some freebies from them like poster of Paris or something. Then they replied me and told me that I have to go to the Paris Hilton boutique at Pavilion on the 6th from 10am to 12pm, only God knows how I felt when I read it! So on the 6th January, I went to the store exactly at 10am, waiting for my gifts. The salesgirl didn’t want to tell me what my gifts are. She said that I have to wait for her supervisor to come because she wants to give me the gifts personally. I was only expecting a Poster of Paris as that was what I told them on Twitter. So while waiting, I look for something to buy. I’ve been saving all my money to buy Paris Hilton stuff. I decided to buy two sunglasses. I had a tough decision on which one to buy because all of them were so hot! When the supervisor arrived, I was getting more nervous because I didn’t see any poster with her. So I thought maybe she just wanted to give some special discount for the sunglasses I bought. Turns out I received even more special gifts from them! I have received 1 sunglass with ‘Paris’ name on the side (the one that I’ve been looking for!) and a 14-inch laptop bag in emerald green color! I was beyond happy! This is definitely one of my unforgettable experiences!
Paris Hilton Products I’ve collected all of her perfumes except for the “St.Moritz”. The passport fragrances are not yet arrived in my country, it took so long for new perfumes to be sale here so maybe when I visit Malaysia again, I’ll buy it there. I love all of her perfumes and my personal favorite is ‘Siren’. I love to wear them randomly every day. I can’t wait for the soon-to-be-launch “Dazzle”. Paris’s 15th fragrance! Speaking of bags, I have 3 in total of her bags. I always look for something that is not too girly, I prefer the unisex-bag. In terms of Sunglasses, I prefer the ones with Paris Hilton name on it rather than just the symbol/logo. I want people to know that whenever I wear them, people know that it’s from Paris Hilton collection. I have 3 sunglasses in total. Also can’t wait to get the newest collection, saw Paris wore it couple of times and it looks so stylish! Other than that, I also have 1 pencil case, 3 Wallets, 1 Sling bag, 1 Scarf, 3 Caps, 1 Book, and some posters of Paris. As a loyal fan, I will always going to buy Paris Hilton products, this is one of the ways to show her how much I love her and support her & her brand. I wish her brand will continue to expand and be more successful in the future. Who knows, maybe one day Paris will decide to open up a store here in my country, Brunei Darussalam.

Thanks again @ZamieParis! We all really enjoyed reading this about your experience! You’re such a loyal and Awesome fan!!

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Peace everyone!


PHpurses team says: Thank you for your amazing comments Zamie! And special thanks to Al & Cassie for gathering all this awesome information about Paris Hilton and her products! You guys rock! Keep spreading the Love & Purses! Love you!


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