Paris Hilton Hot Traveler Looks!

Nothing says “Jet-set” like the French Riviera. A famous destination for joie-de-vivre, it is also a must visit every year for Paris Hilton who has now become an iconic guest of the Cannes Film Festival celebrations.

Over the weekend Paris Hilton raved the paparazzi at the airport leaving the scene clear for other arriving celebrities of the likes of Boy George who showed his appreciation for Paris via twitter.

Paris was a show stopping traveler wearing black tights and a tribal top; taking her look to the next level with smart and fashionable accessories like her iconic floppy hat, oversized sunnies and a Traveler cross body bag.

Proving to be one of her favorite new creations, these purses that you have seen before; you will surely see again because this haute, easy-to-wear style is here to stay!

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