Paris Hilton: The stylish Traveler!

Paris and Nicky Hilton jet to Miami to rave the scene at Winter Music Conference and Ultra. Ready to rock in high style the Hilton sisters raised the fashion bar with casual yet very chic accessories, including some amazing hats which we want to get our hands on!

To top her easy-chic look, Paris chose a spicy red Traveler Handbag, one of her favorite jetsetter styles for Fall | Winter 2012. Its construction and looks are the perfect companion to jet-off to the most stylish destinations in the world!

Photos from

Take a closer look at the Traveler handbag! Paris doesn’t need to personalize as it already has the P.H. logo! Isn’t that fabulous?

Read more about the music scene in Miami’s Winter Music Conference 2012! Visit

Loves it!


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