Love & Purses Mail: Meet the Hot winners of @PHpurses in Venezuela! @Maf_B149 @mdanesa y @DanielaAvilaa

What a way to win! @ParisHiltonVE, @YoLeoTendencia and @PHpurses got over 4 thousand retweets of fabulous women trying to get a hold of one of the sexy and glamorous Paris Hilton Handbags & Accessories that were part of a giveaway to celebrate the launch of Paris Hilton’s hot new webshop in Venezuela

The iconic Paris Hilton was overwhelmed with joy by the massive response she got from Venezuela to win one of her affordable luxury handbags, on day three of the competition Paris tweeted: “So excited for my new @PHpurses webshop in #Venezuela getting lots of comments on it @ParisHiltonVE @YoLeoTendencia :)”

Three styles, three winners! Daniela, Danesa y María Fernanda campaigned really hard to win these PHpurses sending tweets to Paris Hilton, PHpurses’ PR team and making their friends tweet for them, it was very exciting… and FUN!

Check them out!

Love this Galleria PHpurses as seen on Paris Hilton!

Part of Paris Hilton’s fab-five PHpurses the Bon-Ton handbag. Watch Paris Hilton wear this very same model 🙂

And Desire! Another one of Paris’ Fab-Five PHpurses!

Enjoy your PHpurses Girls!

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