News Flash: @ParisHilton Casts Her Spell Over Shanghai!

Paris Hilton is in Shanghai for the launch of her new Eyewear collection and the city is booming with excitement!

Meeting with her fans and being the “Billion Dollar Entrepreneur” that she is; Paris Hilton turned the launch into a multi function event to promote several lines of her widely successful product family… Handbags, Shoes, Retail Stores etc.

Making a big splash with her new beautiful eyewear collection, the media icon turned businesswoman seized the opportunity to meet her partners from all over the world who had flown in to greet her.

The new eyewear is to die for! Paris shared some photos of the displays and the campaign via twitter and we can say that it looks as iconic as her! These shades are already a must have and the talk of the town on twitter!

Photo from by @camraface

Wearing a Trending Topic clutch from her collection of Handbags and Accessories, Paris Hilton ruled the runway…. The audience absolutely loved Paris Hilton’s iconic style!

Photo: Retouch Brands

Right after the show, Paris met with some of her key retail store partners, working tirelessly to expand the Paris Hilton empire of signature stores around the world. She was happy to see them and discuss her ideas for this new and exciting year as well as her ventures into new markets. Very pleased with the agenda, Paris tweeted:

Thank you too all my @PHpurses business partners for flying to see me from #Philippines #Dubai #Korea #Indonesia #Spain #Germany. Love u!”

The fans also showed their support in every possible way. The ones in Shanghai showed up at  The Shanghai World Expo Exhibition for the chance of a lifetime… to meet Paris Hilton in person!

Photo from Paris Hilton via Lockerz

But nothing could stop the fans that were miles away from also showing their support! They used every online resource to do so! Check out a selection some of their amazing comments via twitter:

Paris Hilton sure knows how to spread the love… Check out an excerpt from an online clipping:

“You can now accessorize like Paris Hilton with her new line of shades and her gorgeous purses. Paris went on a press spree to promote her latest designs and posed with the stylish shades. Of course, Paris knows it is important to prove how fabulous her products look by sporting her own designs… As with any Paris Hilton product, the sunglasses ooze classy, expensive elegance.”

Read the full article here>>

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Find out more from – Paris Hilton’s official news channel!

As always… keep spreading the Love & Purses!


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