Paris Hilton’s Fastest Chihuahua!

One of Paris Hilton’s all time favorite styles is the famous Timeless Chihuahua bag. For the PHpurses team it comes as no surprise that all of Paris’ fans and fashion lovers alike go gaga over these timeless purses.

With a woven look, classic feminine shapes and the Chihuahua charms it is hard to not fall in love with these handbags. Every season Paris redesigns them with a little tweak here and there, sometimes they are cream colored, like vanilla ice cream, then they can be pink as Paris’ favorite lipgloss. For Fall | Winter 2011 Paris went the extra mile and had the Timeless Chihuahua classic handbags made in reflective silver straw… the result is über trendy!

Paris Hilton Handbags & Accessories Timeless Chihuahua

Last week Paris Hilton let the world know how excited she was to take the fast train from Barcelona to Zaragoza, hear it from us:  That train is simply amazing! The perfect accessory for a fast escapade: Her Timeless Chihuahua PHpurse!

Awesomeness! Read all about it on


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