Paris Hilton’s Favorites for Fall!

We always see Paris Hilton wearing her own designs and with such a vast selection of handbags, we had to ask Paris to tell us which were her favorite styles for Fall | Winter 2011, the ones you can find in the sexy and glamorous Paris Hilton stores that are spreading the Love & Purses all over the globe!

Although we know she loves them all – after all, she designs them- she managed to select 6 styles that she thinks are right for every girl looking for a fashionable, practical option at an affordable price.

Check them out! We love them too!

Fall | Winter 2011 Paris Hilton’s Favorites


Aiming at the stars, Starlust is a set of glam inspired purses made in highly reflective material with the Art Deco PH logo. Created for women who, like Paris, have a passion for stardom, eagerness to succeed and who know exactly how to get attention; a Starlust purse is the perfect accessory to shine like a star.

See Paris Hilton wearing this style: Launch of Paris Hilton Passport, Lunch with Kathy Hilton


The Galleria handbags are a great mix of fashion’s classical prints and constructions. Wear a Galleria purse and make a statement thanks to its classy palette and sumptuous hardware.  A set of luxurious finishes and materials that combined create a maximum impact resulting in a jet setter handbag.

See Paris Hilton wearing this style: Paris Hilton Greets Thousands of Fans in India


Rules are made to be broken, especially in the fashion world. The Mannequin purses are made for the irreverent and edgy gal who takes matters into her own hands. The sleek and young black or pink faux mattelasé leather combined with golden studs and gemstone charms will rock any outfit.

See Paris Hilton wearing her non-chalant style: Paris Hilton Visits Paris Hilton Store in Dubai , Paris Hilton attends fashion event in West Hollywood

Bon – Ton:

Tasteful little purses, the Bon-Ton handbags are perfect for the ladylike ensembles Paris loves so much. The crocodile finish and classic tones makes this a refined and classical group. The right style for an afternoon in Paris, these dreamy purses with high sense of elegance and style are simply irresistible.

See Paris wearing her favorite faux crocodile styles: in Malibu


Inspired by the classical royal pattern that embellished the luggage of French royalty, the Hommage purses are a tribute to one of fashion’s favorite classics: the monogram. Paris’ monogram, the Crown P is the signature of a true Princess, one who built a kingdom all by herself.

See Paris Hilton with her Crown P Monogram at the opening of her newest Paris Hilton Handbags & Accessories Store in The Philippines


An all-time classic and personal favorite of Paris! The Forever purses are modern classics. The colors, materials, shapes and sizes make them so easy to wear from one season to another and on just about any occasion. Chic and easy, the Forever purses are simply irresistible.

To see Paris Hilton wearing Forever just browse The Blog Category: Forever YES!



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