Paris Hilton Handbags presents: Letters from Paris!

When designing and developing new businesses, Paris gets inspired by her everyday life… which is pretty much fabulous!

Surrounded everyday by paparazzi, fans, talented photographers, celebrities plus a loving and supporting entourage of family and friends, Paris Hilton felt it was the time to turn the lens and let the world know what the people in her life mean to her… And this is how Paris and her handbags team came up with the unique, heartfelt and fashionable Fall | Winter 2011 Retail Campaign: Letters from Paris

As a passionate fashionista and world traveler, everything new, cool and trendy gets Paris’ attention. Her fashion choices and everyday life will be in the spotlight for Fall | Winter 2011 as the Paris Hilton stores all over the globe spread her passion and love for life through a set of Letters from Paris.

Shot in the Caribbean and under Paris’ direction, the Letters from Paris campaign consists of six episodes from our designer’s own life recreated with models. Paris will share a series of brief personal letters to those people who have had a profound impact on her life; her mother, sister, team, paparazzi, fans, BFF… Last, but not least, there’s a letter to love itself!

Paris’ life is full of Love & Purses!

A letter to Nicky and one to the @PHPurses team We love working with Paris!

Letters to Kathy Hilton and another one to a secret BFF

A letter to love and a letter to the Papparazzi!

Love & Celebrity style!


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