Paris Hilton takes her black Chihuahua to dinner!

And we are not talking about tinkerbell or Peter Pan, this cute little black Chihuahua is one of Paris Hilton’s favorite styles for Spring | Summer 2011: Timeless Chihuahua, a dress me up, dress me down purse; this is one of our most darling new looks as we like to keep our tiny best friend always close to our hearts with the highest fashion sense!

Inspired by the iconic fashion pet Timeless Chihuahua @phpurses are made in an irresistible basket knit construction and with its black patent trims and golden enameled Chihuahua hardware, this bag is a treasure. Elegant and cosmopolitan it is so French, in total black or crude with contrasting trims. Lovely classic!

For a casual dinner with friends wear it like Paris with skinny jeans and contrasting feminine top. Looks cool:

Now this is how you take your Chihuahua to dinner! 🙂


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